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I am

Sarah Elizabeth Green

  and I’m grateful you are here.

I’m married to my best friend. I’m a mom of six with one beautiful daughter-in-law and one perfectly precious grandson. My kids range from 9 to 26. You can usually find me in running pants, a ponytail, and a cap.


My life consists of the beautiful ordinary; running kids here and there, cooking meals, and ending arguments. You get it. 


Yet, in the middle of it all and what often feels like a mess, I find beauty in small steps. Baby steps.


You see, I understood the magnitude of wife and mother as the most important work in the world, and rightfully so. Sadly, I found myself drowning in overwhelm as a young mom.


Uncertain that I was capable of this enormous responsibility, which consumed my very being. After my second daughter was born, postpartum depression felt like a weight unwilling to lift.


I grasped depression far too well as it bears roots in my family line. I also knew this was a slippery slope and I would drown in the pit of sadness if I didn’t pay close attention.


Failure lingered in my midst during this time like a bottomless basket of laundry. I’d start something new, give it a couple of weeks, fall off the bandwagon, and give up.


Baby steps are how I learned I was okay. Baby steps are how I learned to trust myself.


Trust in God is vital, yet I had to trust myself first. God became my everything because I caught a glimpse of his magnitude in the small things. In baby steps I made progress.


With the release of perfection and over 20 years of the tiniest steps toward growth, I’m excited to walk with you, friend.


This is how Growth Through Small Steps formed and I’m certain it will bear fruit in your life.


I use the idea of running marathons metaphorically only because the visual is a helpful guide. Each new goal or dream God places on my heart I imagine it my new marathon and remind myself; “just one mile Sarah.” Some days I have the energy of fifteen miles. Some days it’s one. Most importantly I remind myself not to quit.


If it’s God’s plan we cannot quit. 


In the beautiful ordinary messes of life let’s grip arms as we move forward one baby step at a time.🌟

Do you need encouragement with growth through the tiniest of steps?

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Sarah will give first dibs on new content, encouragement for the soul, and refreshment for the journey. 

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